Monday, December 21, 2009

How to create the best one possible blog

How to create the best one possible blog

Hi...that's nice that we can meet again. Today I'm going to share with you some of my tips to make the most of your blog and create the best one possible!

Are you ready?? then see my tips below...

1. All About the White!
Use a white middled background! Why? Because this is a must if you upload a lot of pictures on your blog! You won't get that "white outline" around any pictures because it will blend in with your own background.
Now I do love color myself and have seen some successful colored background blog middles. But if you are new to blogging, save yourself the trouble and use an easy white middled background. The easiest way to achieve this is by selecting Blogger's Minima template.

2. Keep it Clean and Simple!
No one likes clutter! When people come to your blog, they want to be able to see where to go. Put some thought into "organizing" your blog. Where will things go? Are your sidebar items balanced visually? Put a horizontal menu navigation bar at the top of your blog to help your visitors navigate your blog. Make sidebar titles for all your "sections" in your blog. Oh, and don't have too much "stuff" on your blog! The more gadgets you have, the slower your loading page time will be. You can limit your posts per page to make your page load quicker!

3. It's Okay to be Unique!
Your blog should reflect who you are! It's your home on the web. So make it yours! Make it stand out! If you're not sure what you like, check out other blogs that inspire you. Use them as an aid to create something that is you! Select a title. Put some effort into your header (at the top of your page). This is the first thing anyone sees when they visit you. Select a color palette and a theme. Your blog is your masterpiece! creative!

I hope these tips have answered some of the questions you have been asking!

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