Thursday, February 4, 2010

List of free domain that you should know

List of free domain that you should know

Hi...It's been a long time i don't update my blog. Now i'm gonna write list of free domain that maybe useful for you, it's totally free and you should try it :D
If you already know about this, please skip this article
Here is the list, check it out!

List of free domain that you should know - has long provided a free domain service, and no longer have banner ads as before...

The url address:

Later your url address will be:

List of free domain that you should know - is service that provided a fairly featured free domain. It's free and also has many smartdots domain option, such as:,.,.,.,.,.,. ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., and many more.

Some interesting offered featured:
> Free of charge forever!
> No banners/no compulsory advertising!
> Forwarding is possible to any URL, no matter which provider!
> PathForwarding
> URLCloaking
> Detailed Access Statistics
> Email*
> Search engine optimized!
> Reachable with "www" or without!
> Full support for your personal favicon!
> Access Protection - user administration included!
> MetatagGenerator
> WAP-ability!

for more information see

List of free domain that you should know -
 Many of you must already about this free domain, buy for those who didn't know, you should try it, the registration process is less than 1 hour, it's fast and easy. Visit

List of free domain that you should know - is a 100% free domain that provides the domain name registration tools and DNS setup wizard. We can point a domain to a domain to the IP address of your server or set your own DNS servers to get the maximum flexibility.

The process is easy, this is some of the features :
1. SiteBuilder
2. Web Forwarding
3. Custom HTML
4. DNS

If you want to try, just visit the website at

List of free domain that you should know -
This free domain service provided for those who wish to get a cool and free domain name, free subdomain or free short URL, that looks like a real paid domain name, just like they say.

If you want to register just click here :
Enter the domain is up to you :)

Please let me know if there is another free domain that not listed here

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kanna84 on February 18, 2010 at 8:24 PM said...

Thank you so much for your information, And i got this site for my domain name registering process. Simply its a best to register the domain name here Also they provides some free of costs services also
* Photo Album
* Quick Blogcast
* Hosting with site builder
* Personalized Email Account
* Starter Web Page
* "For Sale" Page
* Parked Page w/ Domain
* Domain Forwarding & Masking
* 100-Pack Email Forwarding
* Total DNS Control
* Change of Registration
* Status Alerts
* Domain Locking

sandhioke on June 10, 2010 at 1:53 PM said...

manstep inponya..

cityiklan on July 17, 2011 at 1:56 AM said... and .tk is not search engine friendly..
so its not necessary to get a custom domain like that..i prefer using better than those least it will index in search engine..

iklan percuma Online Malaysia

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