Tuesday, January 12, 2010

15 Types of Websites that not liked by Google and Yahoo

15 Types of Websites that are not liked by Google and Yahoo
Hi everybody, this time i will share about the types of web site that are not liked by Google and Yahoo. If these things are on your website, be careful.

1. Page that can be dangerous for accuracy and relevance of search results

2. The page is intentionally created to redirect to another page

3. Mostly of the web pages contents is copy paste (have the same content on every page)

4. Pages websites that rely only on the content or links to content created for another website, such as the contents of affiliate programs

5. Website with a lot of number of virtual hostname and not important at all

6. A lot of page and made automatically without the contents of value (cookie cutter page)

7. Page created artificially that deliberately to influence the ranking in the search engines

8. Websites that use text or hidden links and not visible to visitors

9. The pages that display content for different search engines with content that is viewed by visitors (cloaking)

10. Website is too often displays a link to another website (cross-linked) with the aim of popularizing the website (link schemes)

11. The main purpose of the website created for search engines, which only highlights the many keywords and not related each other.

12. Wearing copyright, trademark patented others.

13. Website displayed too many banners, pop ups, malware or any other type of navigation disturbing visitors.

14. Page that looks like a trick, cheat or hurt patrons

15. Using tools or software to position the website in google search results with a variety of queries.

So, is your website one of i mentioned above?

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