Thursday, January 14, 2010

The characteristics of a website that will easily indexed at Google and Yahoo

The characteristics of a website that will easily indexed at Google and Yahoo
If previously I had give examples the types of websites that not liked Google and Yahoo, this time I wanted to share about the characteristics of a website that will easily indexed at Google and Yahoo.

Login to google analytics and google webmaster tools is not enough to boost the ranking of our website at google. What kind quality of design and content are classified as good according to google search engine and yahoo? These are the characteristics :

1. Website that offers unique, quality and original content.
2. Prioritize web pages design that is easily digested by humans, not by the search engines.
3. Website which contains useful information and can describe the overall content of the website.
4. Contains a link that can be used to help other people find other things that are related to the content of the website.
5. Website that offers a sitemap for visitors with a direct link to important parts of your website. If the sitemap are more than 100 links, it should be moved to a different page.
6. Find the keywords that many other people looking and make sure our website containing that keyword.
7. Using metadata that actually describes the content of the website.
8. Website has a structure and a clear text link. Each page must be achieved at least one static link.
9. Try to use text instead of images if you want to display the name, describe the contents or links. Google and Yahoo will not recognize text in the picture.
10. Make sure the title tags and ALT attributes that you use is accurate and describes the website well.
11. Diligently check whether there are dead links or incorrect HTML code.
12. Make sure the links in your website have a rational number (not more than 100 links)
13. Overall has a good design.

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sandhioke on January 15, 2010 at 2:03 PM said...

yes it's 100% right. The most important are content quality and backlink i think,nice post.thx for share. don't forget to visit my blog.
ehm, how about linkexchange?

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